About our commitments

Our seven commitments

We believe in a better fashion future – one where you don’t have to choose between something that looks good and something that does good too. That’s what H&M Conscious is all about – it’s our plan for making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.

To do this, we have to run our company in a way that’s good for people, the environment and our business. That’s where our seven commitments come in. We’ve sorted hundreds of actions under each of these commitments – what we call Conscious Actions – and they help us create a better fashion future.

Learn more about our seven commitments below, as well as a few highlights from our Conscious Actions.

1 – Provide fashion for conscious customers

To us, quality is so much more than the fabric you can feel between your fingertips. It’s also about the planet and the people around us. And it’s about offering you the very best we have. Fashion and sustainability, not just one or the other.

2 - Choose and reward responsible partners

We set the bar high for our suppliers and regularly check how well they live up to our demands. But it’s a two-way street. We also need to be a good partner ourselves. It’s about long-term partnerships, training and rewarding good sustainability performance with better business.

3 - Be ethical

Fair play, respect and integrity are fundamental to our business. Being ethical also means protecting human rights and fighting corruption. And not only to take responsibility for our colleagues, but also to serve as a good example wherever we operate.

4 - Be climate smart

Being climate smart is a constant series of choices, big and small; choosing efficient lighting or renewable energy, for example. It also means inspiring those around us to make equally smart climate choices, such as washing at lower temperatures or skipping the dryer altogether.

5 - Reduce, reuse, recycle

It breaks our hearts to see fashion end up in landfill. That’s why you can drop any clothes you no longer want or need at H&M to give them a new life. And, of course, we are reducing, reusing and recycling on many other fronts: hangers, packaging, shopping bags and more.

6 - Use natural resources responsibly

Making great fashion can use a lot of resources – for example, water. Cotton needs it to grow and we all use it to wash our clothes. To create a sustainable fashion future, we need to consider future generations today and make fashion using less of our planet’s resources.

7 - Strengthen communities

The way we do business has an impact on millions of people. We contribute to over one million jobs and we strongly believe in the shared value of investing in social and environmental initiatives that strengthen communities around us.


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