Reduce waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Transport, packaging, hangers and shopping bags are all part of the retail business. That said, efficient material use and the application of smart methods to reuse and recycle means we can reduce waste and – one day - get rid of it altogether.

We’re committed to reducing, reusing and recycling wherever we can. In our vision of a better fashion future, nothing gets wasted. To achieve this vision, we’ll need to inspire everyone who’s connected to our business – from our suppliers to our customers – to be a part of the journey.

Great fashion should never go to waste

It breaks our heart to see fashion end up in landfill. So, as the first fashion company in the world, we’ve launched a global initiative that means customers can hand in unwanted garments – from any brand and in any condition – to H&M stores.

And, excitingly, we’re on our way to creating a 'closed loop system', which means being able to turn old garments into new fashion.

Conscious Actions Highlights 2015

Conscious is our plan for creating a better fashion future. It’s built on seven commitments and hundreds of Conscious Actions.

  • Over 12,000 tonnes of garments were collected in our stores. That’s as much textile fabric as in more than 60 million T-shirts.
  • In 2014, the first products with at least 20% recycled material from collected garments were made. In 2015, we increased the number of these pieces to over one million.
  • Recycled polyester is usually made from PET bottles. In 2015, we used the equivalent of over 90 million bottles that otherwise might have ended up in landfills.

Garment collecting

Don’t let fashion go to waste – give your old clothes a new life.

Towards 100% circularity

Our commitments

Want to know more?

Learn more about how we reduce, reuse and recycle (in English).

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