Closing the loop

Towards 100% circularity

In fashion, the old has always been a source of inspiration for the new – not the least with today's vintage and retro trends. With our commitment to closing the loop on fashion, we are now taking this one step further – we want to move towards a 100% circular business model.

“We have set the vision of becoming 100% circular. In close dialogue with experts and stakeholders we will set time-bound milestones that take us closer to our goal; to lead the change towards fully circular and sustainable fashion”.

Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability at H&M.  

Moving towards a 100% circular business model means nothing less than completely turning around how our industry has been operating for decades – moving away from a linear production model to one that uses once-created products as the resource for new desirable fashion. In the short term, this will help keep textiles from ending up in landfills. In the long run, this can change the way fashion is made and used and massively reduce the need for extract­ing virgin resources from our planet.

But becoming 100% circular goes a lot further than recycling. It’s about developing solutions and business models to extend the lifespan of products from different perspectives and by having a circular approach in how products are made and used. From design, durability and to of course provide easy solutions for passing garments on to secondary users. And, just imagine all the repairing and mending that can be done; replacing zips, taking up hems, patching jeans – there are many ways to prolong a garment’s life, before it eventually can be recycled in a closed loop.

Another important part is the materials we choose in the first stage of making new products, which is why we have set the goal to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials.

Accomplishing this very bold ambition will require a lot more innovation – and we do not have all the answers and solutions today. To define our goals further, set time-bound milestones and our activities towards them; we are working together with experts, NGOs and academia to challenge ourselves following a science-based approach in defining targets and using best actions.

With our already strong sustainability approach and our long history of accomplishments, we now want to be a change-maker in leading sustainable fashion. We are really excited to see how the fashion industry as a whole will embrace this challenge – and help us make circularity the new normal in fashion.

Reduce waste

Our goal is to send zero waste to landfill.

Garment collecting

Don’t let fashion go to waste – give your old clothes a new life.

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