Garment collecting

Garment Collecting

We were the first fashion company to launch a global garment collection initiative. Today, you can hand in any clothes you no longer want in your local H&M store – no matter what brand or condition they are in. That way, we can both reduce waste and give our old clothes a chance to a new life. 

Since we launched our garment collecting initiative in 2013, we have gathered more than 22,000 tonnes of garments to give them a new life – that’s as much fabric as in 100 million t-shirts.

We are committed to changing the way we make, use and dispose of our clothes. Far too much fashion ends up in landfill; every year thousands of tonnes of textiles are thrown away with the household waste. As much as 95% of those clothes could have been reworn or recycled.

No true fashion lover likes seeing clothes go to waste. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give your garments the chance they deserve for a new life. You can drop off any clothes and home textiles you no longer want or need at almost all H&M store around the globe. We have already made some new collections from recycled clothes – many of which came via our own Garment Collecting service.

So, what happens with the clothes after you have turned them in? Currently there are three ways for the collected clothes to live on:  

  • Rewear – clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second hand clothes
  • Reuse – old clothes and textiles will be turned into other products, such as cleaning cloths.
  • Recycle – everything else is turned into textile fibres, or other use such as insulation.

Any money made from this service is invested into social projects, as well as research and innovation projects on how old textiles can be turned into new fibres, with the ultimate goal of being able to recycle all clothing waste and achieve a closed loop for fashion. The first step is to minimise the risks of fashion going to landfills – we believe our clothes deserve better! In the longer term, we want to find the technological solutions needed to be able to fully reuse and recycle all textile fiber.

Taking this further, we have set a vision of becoming 100% circular, including only using recycled or other sustainably sourced materials and taking a circular approach in how products are made and used.


Reduce waste

Our goal is to send zero waste to landfill.

Towards 100% circularity

The design process

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