Behind the scenes

Are you curious to know how many quality tests we do in a year? Do you know what colour is about to make a comeback? Have you ever wondered what the name & Other Stories really means? Enter behind the scenes of the H&M group to learn this - and many other things - about us.

The & Other Stories story

& Other Stories has quickly become a successful member of the H&M family. Learn how the brand was born and how the team “felt like being on tour” when the first stores opened.

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In love with colour

H&M’s colour trend forecaster keeps track of thousands and thousands of hues and shades and tints. A colourful job to say the least.

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Quality in focus

Quality at the H&M group is constantly developed and improved. Meet three people who are key to this important work and learn about what they do.

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Conscious & glamorous

H&M’s glamorous Conscious Exclusive collections mix sustainability with high fashion. Find out how the design team is working and what celebrities are wearing their creations on the red carpet.

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More sustainable fashion

Head of Sustainability Anna Gedda leads our work towards a more sustainable fashion future. Learn about what she does and how sustainability goals influence every part of the process at the H&M group.

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