The history of H&M Group

The H&M group reaches fashion fans across the globe and has come a long way since the first Hennes store opened in the Swedish city Västerås in 1947. Follow us on a tour through the first 70 years of bringing fashion to the world in an exciting and conscious way.

The 40’s & 50’s

A new fashion chain for women opens in Sweden with a new and progressive concept: frequently updated fashion at affordable prices.

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The 60’s & 70’s

The ’M’ is added, and the product range grows to cover fashion for men, babies, kids and youth. Also, the first steps of a worldwide expansion are taken.

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The 80’s & 90's

The European expansion continues and H&M’s fashion becomes available online for the first time. A successor takes place as CEO.

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The 00’s

H&M goes both west and east, new brands are added to the family, and Karl Lagerfeld makes a surprising announcement to the world of fashion.

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2010 and onwards

H&M opens the first stores in the Southern hemisphere,  old garments are given a new life and & Other Stories is launched.

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