Clean water

We support worldwide access to clean water and sanitation.

Our Global Program for Clean water

Through our Global Programs we are working on a policy level to drive long lasting positive change. Together with international non-profit organisation WaterAid, the H&M Foundation is investing in clean water and sanitation in schools to offer children a better future.


  • Millions of children don’t have access to clean water or toilets at school
  • Every day, many children miss out on education because they are collecting water or because they are sick due to the lack of adequate toilets and clean water.
  • The lack of a safe, private place to go to the toilet, especially affects girls, as many stay home when they have their periods.
  • The lack of clean water and toilets at schools affects future generations, as children miss out on the education that could bring them a brighter future.

Our goals by 2017

Reach 250,000 school children
250,000 school children in poor communities will have access to clean water and toilets at school and will have been educated in hygiene practices.

5 national policies
Five countries will have clean water, improved hygiene and sanitation included in national education policies, supported by concrete plans and resources for implementation.

Global policy work
To influence the United Nations to include a goal on water and sanitation in their Sustainable Development Goals - with a dedicated target on schools.

Learn more about our global program for water

Our local projects for Clean water

To achieve positive and direct impact in people’s everyday lives the H&M Foundation also supports local projects in several countries where H&M operates. Within the area of Clean water we work in the following countries;

Bangladesh - with WaterAid
Cambodia - with Plan International
India - with FRANK water as well as Practical Action

We also run local projects within Education and Equality.

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