We advocate quality education for all children.


Through our Global Programs we are working on a policy level to drive long lasting positive change. Within Education the H&M Foundation is working together with United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) investing in a better future for the most vulnerable children, through early education and care. 


  • Evidence shows that our ability to learn is set before school even starts.
  • Singing songs. Painting pictures. Building with colourful bricks – these activities that sound like pure fun are the building blocks of lifelong learning.
  • But more than 200 million children under the age of 5 are left behind, without access to education and early childhood care.
  • Children, who receive early childhood care and education, are more likely to learn, stay in school and graduate from school.


Our goals by 2017

Reach 73,600 vulnerable children
More than 73,000 children in poor communities will benefit from Early Childhood Development programs.

3 national development agendas
Three governments will have included Early Childhood Development, in their National Development Agendas, and made sure these are supported by national budgetary resources.

First-ever global report
The first-ever global report on Early Childhood Development will be released to help shift global perceptions of the importance of Early Childhood Development.

Learn more about our global program for education.

Our Local Projects for Education

To achieve positive and direct impact in people’s everyday lives the H&M Foundation also supports local projects in several countries where H&M operates. Within the area of Education we work in the following countries;

Bangladesh - with UNICEF
Indonesia - with Save the Children
Myanmar - with UNICEF
Romania - with Save the Children
Sweden - with Mentor
US - with Children's Health Fund and the Earth Institute

We also run local projects within Clean water and Equality

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