Promote equal opportunities for people globally.

Our Global Program for Strengthening women

Through our Global Programs we are working on a policy level to drive long lasting positive change. Together with humanitarian organisation CARE, the H&M Foundation is investing in women’s economic empowerment – equipping women with the seed capital and skills training they need to start up or expand their own business.


  • 1.3 billion people in the world live in poverty. The majority of the world’s working poor are women and girls.
  • Globally women spend at least twice as much time as men on unpaid domestic work. Women’s total work hours are longer than men’s in all regions of the world.
  • Access to education and skills training is limited for women and girls around the world.
  • Women in poor communities have less access to financial services, bank loans and are often limited in inheriting property.


Reach 100,000 women
100,000 women in poor communities will be empowered economically, by gaining access to seed capital and skills training on how to start up or expand their own business.

Campaigns in 5 regions
Five regional campaigns will raise awareness around the structural challenges women face, and promote women who have overcome these challenges as positive role models.

1 global report
A global report will be conducted to advocate for policy change needed worldwide to improve the living conditions for women and girls globally.

Learn more about our global program for equality


To achieve positive and direct impact in people’s everyday lives the H&M Foundation also supports local projects in several countries where H&M operates. Within the area of Strengthening Women we work in the following countries;

Ethiopia – with CARE
Ethiopia – with Reach for Change
South Africa – with Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation

We also run local projects within Education and Clean water.

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