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Ellen MacArthur Foundation presents a new report on circular textiles economy

Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability H&M Group, participates when Ellen MacArthur Foundation releases the report "A New Textile Economy: The Future of Redesigning Fashion" in London.

28 Nov, 2017

As a partner to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the Sustainability Department at H&M Group have actively contributed to the report with guidance and expertise. The report outlines the key challenges of the fashion and textile industry today and brings forward a common vision, a direction forward and suggested actions on what needs to be done within the concept of circular economy. At the event, Anna Gedda will talk about H&M Group’s vision to become 100% circular. 

The report is part of The Circular Fibers Initiative, an initiative that brings the industry together with the goal of creating a circular economy for textiles. The report presents a positive new vision for the industry to work together in a creative way; exploring new materials, pioneering business models and finding ways to scale technologies and solutions needed to create a new textiles economy.

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