Care for your clothes

There are many things you can do yourself when it comes to sustainable fashion. It’s up to you to decide how involved you want to be in the mission to create a more sustainable fashion future! The way you act in your everyday life matters - things can always be done in a simpler and more sustainable way.

You can make a difference by just changing small things in your everyday life. One tip is always looking to prolong a garment’s life before eventually recycling it. Our planet’s resources are not endless and together we need to make sure they are used in a responsible way.

These are some tips on how to care for your clothes in the best way and ultimately make the fashion live longer.

  •  Re-wear it! Sometimes an old favourite is destined to have a comeback. Look in the darkest corners of your closet – and you might just find your Saturday night outfit.
  •  Someone’s trash might be your treasure. Have a swap-party with your friends. Bring a few items each and create your own free shopping spree!
  • Don't automatically throw out clothes that are too small. Jeans that are too short can be cut into shorts for summer. A top which is too small and shows off a little bit of your belly can be cut into a crop top.
  • Replacing zips, taking up hems, patching jeans – get your mending kit ready and re-wear your favourite pieces time after time.
  • Did you know that washing at 30 degrees instead of 60 reduces your energy use by half? By skipping the heat you save both energy and money – and make your clothes’ dyes and colours last longer.
  • Or, even better; skip doing laundry this week and just air your clothes. Garments are often washed many more times than necessary.

Keep in mind that 26% of the environmental impact in a garment’s life actually occurs after it has left the store. All our clothes are marked with the Clevercare label, go to for more tips on how to make your clothes last longer. Don't do it just for you, but do it for the sake of our planet.

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