The way to sustainable fashion

We want to make sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible. We have a passion for fashion – and for our planet and how we affect the world around us. Today, being conscious in every part of the fashion-making process is at the core of our business.

The H&M group is one of the world’s largest fashion companies and our expansion goals are long-term. Our size, together with efficiency and flexibility throughout our value chain, allows us to always offer the latest fashion at affordable prices. We love bringing fashion to the world in an exciting and conscious way and want our customers to explore their own personal style.

Can fashion really be sustainable?

As a global company, we have a big responsibility. One we are glad to undertake. Every year, we work intensely to increase the share of sustainably sourced fabrics and materials in our clothes. By improving working conditions at our suppliers, and reduce any negative impacts our business might have along our value chain. By making conscious choices in each step of a garment’s life – from cotton farms to customers – together, we can make a difference.

In our annual sustainability report you can find our progress in terms of sustainability, our future goals and much more.

Our aim is for all cotton in our range to come from sustainable sources by 2020.


It’s important to us that all our clothes are made with care for the environment and the people working across our value chain. On top of that, we always offer even more sustainable options; just make sure to be on the lookout for H&M’s green Conscious Choice hangtag.

Additionally, once every year, H&M launches the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection. It is a fashionable higher-end collection made from more sustainable materials to be worn for special events and occasions, as well as for everyday dress up. The collection has been spotted several times on the red carpet and is worn and loved not only by our customers, but also by celebrities across the globe. The H&M group’s other brands also offer extra sustainable choices, like Weekday’s Remains – a capsule collection made from leftover materials, therefore minimising waste. Remains entered the scene in 2016, with pieces made from leftover rolls of denim. 

There are several ways in which you can contribute to a more sustainable fashion future; treat your fashion pieces in a sustainable way, care for your clothes  and when the time comes and you no longer want or need them – always make sure to recycle.

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