Our approach

Looking good should do good too. That’s what our sustainability work is all about. To make sure our customers wear our products with pride we have to be conscious in all our actions.

We want to make sustainable fashion choices available, attractive and affordable to as many people as possible. At the same time, we must respect planetary boundaries and take responsibility for how our company affects the world around us.

Clean water, climate change, textile waste, wages and overtime in supplier factories are some of the key challenges in the textile industry - as well as in many other industries - and something we at the H&M group work to improve every day.

Like most other retailers, the H&M group does not own any factories; instead we work with independent suppliers. Many of our products are made in some of the world’s poorest countries, and garment production is often the first step on the way out of poverty in many of these countries.

While sustainability is an integrated part of our business, around 200 colleagues work with sustainability as their core task. Many of them are based in our 21 production offices around the world and work directly with our suppliers to make the supply chain more sustainable.

Together with our customers, business partners, peers, innovators, scientists and other interest groups, we have the opportunity to bring about serious change – all the way from improving the live­lihood of a cotton farmer to lowering the impacts from washing and drying our clothes. 

”I believe companies that take responsibility for people and the environment will be the most successful in the long run.”

 Karl-Johan Persson, CEO

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