Climate & emissions

Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Its consequences will affect everyone, including our suppliers, colleagues and customers. In this crucial matter, we are making a contribution by continuing our work towards using only renewable electricity across our operations, as well as increasing energy efficiency.

Even though retail is a relatively low-carbon business, we want to set a leading example. We are working towards using only renewable energy throughout our stores, offices and warehouses. In 2015, 78% of all of the electricity used in our operations came from renewable sources.

However, we are aware the most significant climate impacts occur outside our own operations, which is why we increasingly work to help our partners and inspire our customers to make climate-smart choices. Did you know that caring for your clothes at home represents more than one fourth of all of the greenhouse gas emissions in a garment’s life?

By washing your clothes at 30 degrees instead of 60, you use a lot less energy and as a result help battling climate change.

Promoting greener transport

Our global presence requires different means of transport and as our business grows, the needs are increasing further. So, how can we meet these needs without harming the environment? One way is to work with environmentally green transport companies. We also switch to rail or sea transport where possible and work to increase our transport efficiency in many different ways.

We believe environmental requirements that are adopted by a wider group have a better chance of achieving a positive impact. We are therefore actively involved in collaborations to develop and promote common standards in transport industries. We currently work with SmartWay, WayAhead  and The Clean Shipping Project.

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