Michelle Pang, COS

Michelle Pang had worked as a leader for several high-street heroes and runway brands before she came to COS. For Michelle, being at leader at COS means having the space and trust to design her own personal leadership.

Michelle Pang
Brand: COS
Title: Studio Manager
Years in H&M group (Years as Leader): <1 year (<1 year)
Previous roles: Recently hired as  a studio manager for COS.

Coming directly from a similar position at a well-known luxury brand, the first thing that struck Michelle about being a leader in the H&M group compared to elsewhere was that: “When I started, I had never been in another company where the values are held so high. Here people are always talking about them.” she says.  “There is a lot of trust within teams. They let you be a leader in the way that suits you best.”

“They let you know that you can make a difference here and that is a very positive thing.”

Motivating your team and inspiring people
Michelle explains that being at COS and working for a brand in the H&M group was a step she wanted to take. “The idea of working for the H&M group was really appealing and exciting to me. There are so many different brands in the group,” says Michelle. 

“For me, COS is essentially a high-end brand. Its more than a brand, it’s a creative vision. My team inspires me constantly. Being the leader of a creative team, they really inspire me to think outside of the box. They push me to think of new ways of working. Leadership is about motivating your team and inspiring people.

“We are constantly pushing and developing and trying to do what we can do to carry the COS vision forward.”

What advice would you give to a new leader in the H&M group on their first day?
“The leadership expectations will lead you forward, that’s what they are there for. It’s also really important to be motivated and have a positive attitude. Be happy! You can be the inspiration for your team to maintain positivity.”

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