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An urban hip hop party – H&M presents the ACE TEE x H&M capsule collection

H&M has teamed up with artist Ace Tee to create a new collection, characterised by an urban street style. The collection will be available from 7th September 2017 at

17 Aug, 2017 09:00 CEST

Inspired by her personal style, the collection pays homage to the fashion and light-heartedness of the 90´s: streetwear fashion that is feminine and cool at the same time. A colour palette of black and white is combined with bright orange and vibrant yellow. Band t-shirts and track pants are paired with a fitted wrap top and a short kimono. A tight body, leggings and a sporty top in camouflage print create an urban look. A short wrap skirt and matching jacket fit the 90’s double denim look. A fan scarf, colorful sunglasses, choker and socks are the perfect accessories to complete the cool looks.

“Working together with H&M was such a great experience for me. I love this collection as it reminds me of my idols and the 90´s. There is something for everyone”,

                                                                                                                                  says Ace Tee about the collection.


Ace Tee gained an international reputation a short time after her song ‘Bist du down’ became viral. Ace Tee´s voice and music carry the easy and cool vibe of the 90`s. With her collection that is being sold online worldwide she follows her vision of a global movement of community.

“I am deeply convinced that music and fashion can connect people beyond nationality, gender and age. I am happy if I can achieve the same feeling with my collection”, says Ace Tee.

For more images and information about the collection, please visit H&M Image Gallery.

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