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H&M group invests in new recycling technology

H&M group have partnered with Swedish company re:newcell, whose unique technology recycles used cotton, viscose and other cellulosic fibers into a new, more sustainable dissolving pulp. The pulp can be turned into new textile fibers and be fed into the textile production cycle. The partnership is another step towards H&Ms goal to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced material by 2030.

10 Oct, 2017

To achieve the H&M group’s goal on circularity, it’s crucial to find solutions for substituting many currently used fibers with either recycled or other sustainably sourced alternatives. Therefore, H&M group works actively with several initiatives to support and encourage innovation technology in how to close the loop in fashion and becoming 100% circular. One of the initiatives is to invest in entrepreneurs via H&M CO:LAB.

"Re:newcell´s technology has the potential to become a commercial and scalable solution for the industry and accelerate the journey from a linear fashion industry towards a circular one", says Cecilia Brännsten, Acting Environmental Sustainability Manager and circular economy lead, at H&M group.

The news of the H&M and Re:newcell partnership was communicated today, at the 2017 TextileExchange Sustainability Conference in Washington. D.C.

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