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Monki’s coming!

Monki to open new concept store in Brussels.

20 Nov, 2018

At the start of 2019, Scandinavian fashion brand Monki will return to Belgium to open a new concept store in Brussels. Spanning over two floors, the 340m2 retail destination will be located on the city’s premiere shopping street Avenu Louise.

“We’re delighted to open a store in Brussels and to open our third store in Belgium"  

“We’re delighted to open a store in Brussels and to open our third store in Belgium,” says Jennie Dahlin Hansson, Monki’s Managing Director. “We’re looking forward to seeing how fashion lovers here will make Monki part of their style!”

The exclusive Monki World interior will lead customers on a magical mystery tour of evolving forms and glittering reflections. With rainbow coloured fitting rooms and sea of scallops tables, the transformed space will offer customers a unique story-telling experience.

Bringing its unique blend of Scandi-cool and Asian street style, Monki’s design team has stayed on the pulse of interesting trends and personal inspiration since 2006. At the heart of the Swedish fashion brand is the aim to empower young women everywhere to express and feel great about themselves.

With a stores in Gent and Antwerp opening in the past year, this new concept store in Brussels continues Monki’s growth in the country.

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