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Monki HQ is now LGBTQ certified!

27 Jun, 2018

Monki is proud to announce that its Head Office in Gothenburg, Sweden is now LGBTQ certified by RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. Founded in 1950, the non-profit organisation is internationally recognised, and works on projects to support LGBTQ rights across the world.

For the past three months, employees at Monki’s Head Office have been participating in educational workshops taught by RFSL, in order to learn more about norms and the impact they have on the working conditions and health of LGBTQ people.

“Monki now has the tools to work systematically with issues of human rights, equality, and anti- discrimination, to foster and promote a more inclusive environment”

Gustaf Hedman, director of education, RFSL.

“Monki is also the first fashion brand to be LGBTQ certified by RFSL, which marks a great change towards a more inclusive industry and we are very proud to be part of Monki’s journey," Gustaf Hedman adds.

Starting with the Head Office, Monki hopes that the process will have a positive chain-reaction across the entire brand, and in the long run the fashion industry as a whole.

“At Monki, empowering people to be themselves is one of our core missions. That being said, we know there is always room for improvement.”, says Lea Rytz Goldman, Managing Director, Monki. “Our LBGTQ certification is just one step towards a kinder future for all.”

Through value-driven campaigns and collaborations, Monki has taken a stand on topics that are relevant to their community since 2006. With a better knowledge of the LGBTQ perspective, the brand hopes to continue to inspire and connect with their audience.

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