Recycle your clothes

We believe fashion is far too precious to end up in landfills. That is why in 2013, we launched our garment collecting initiative worldwide. You can drop off your textiles - no matter brand or condition - in all our H&M stores across the globe. Several of our other brands also offer garment collecting.

We have already made collections from recycled clothes – many of which came via our own Garment Collecting service.

Today, the fashion industry is using more resources than the planet allows. By handing in your clothes, you help reduce the amount of natural resources needed to produce new garments.

We are committed to changing the way we make, use and dispose of clothes. Far too much fashion ends up in landfills as every year thousands of tonnes of textiles are thrown away with household waste.

As much as 95% of clothes thrown away could have been re-worn or recycled.

Knowing these facts would make anyone look at fashion in a new light. We know that no true fashion lover ever likes seeing clothes go to waste. This is why we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to give their garments a new life and helping us closing the loop on fashion. Any clothes or home textiles that are no longer wanted or needed, can be dropped off at any local H&M store - and given a new purpose.

Since we launched our garment collecting initiative in 2013, we have gathered more than 55,000 tonnes of garments to give them a new life – that’s more fabric than in 270 million t-shirts.

Once the old garments have been dropped off in a store, our partner I:CO collects and sort them into three categories:

  • Rewear – clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second hand clothes.
  • Reuse – old clothes and textiles will be turned into other products, such as cleaning cloths.
  • Recycle – everything else is turned into textile fibres, and used for things like insulation.

Currently, one single garment can contain up to 20% recycled fibres (recycled cotton or recycled wool from collected garments) without any loss of quality or durability. We are working to get that number to increase by creating demand and investing directly in technological innovation. The first step is to minimise the risks of fashion going to landfills – we believe our clothes deserve better! In the long term, we want to find the technological solutions needed to be able to fully reuse and recycle all textile fibre. When using other recycled material (blended or pure) such as recycled polyester, a garment can already now be made of 100% recycled material.

The surplus is donated to H&M Foundation and split between social projects, and recycling projects. H&M Foundation has partnered with The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel to develop technologies to recycle clothes made from textile blends into new clothes. The social projects are focused on equality and inclusion of marginalized groups. In addition, for each kilogram of textiles that H&M collects, 0.02 euros will be donated to a local charity organization, please read more at  

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