Sustainability strategy

We love bringing fashion to the world in an exciting way engaging consciously with our customers. With all our brands we offer fashion at outstanding value, in a sustainable way.

To meet the requirements of both present and future generations, everything we do needs to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability is at the core of our business and will lead the way for our future growth.

We are currently working to update our sustain­ability strategy. To begin with, we have set the vision to become 100% circular. By including only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in our production, we will exhibit a circular approach to how products are made and used.

Like many industries today, the fashion industry is too dependent on natural resources. By moving towards a circular business model, we want to transition from a linear production model to one that reuses old products, as the resource for new desirable fashion. In the short term, this will help keep textiles from ending up in landfills. In the long run, this can change the way fashion is made and used, massively reducing the need for extract­ing natural resources from our planet while promoting conscious resources for our designs.

Through a continuous dialogue with stake­holders, experts, scientists and many others, we are in the process of setting new goals across various key sustainability top­ics. These topics include circularity, climate, transparency, equality and fair jobs among others. We follow a scientific approach, aimed at setting new stand­ards for the fashion industry as a whole.

“We want to use our size and scale to lead the change towards fully circular and truly sustainable fashion.”

Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability

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