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H2, the new creative partnership between Heron Preston and H&M, is set to release its debut collection on March 14. This marks the start of a multi-year journey to explore new futures of fashion, challenge the norms of collaboration and extend Heron Preston’s creative vision to a wider global audience.

1 Mar, 2024 12:00 CET

New York, NY, February 29th, 2024. The H2 partnership is designed to represent a new approach to collaboration, where product, people and process play equal roles in bringing the shared values of Heron Preston and H&M to life. The partnership includes seasonal collections and creative advisory, as well as empowerment of young creative talent, with a circular innovation program underscored by a joint commitment to closing the loop of fashion. 

The debut H2 collection is a manifestation of this multi-facetted vision and is inspired by the beauty of everyday style. A uniform cut for the attitude and street style of New York. Founded in Heron Preston’s design DNA, the collection brings together new ideas of utility, exceptional fits, durability, versatility and cultural archetypes, with obsessive attention to detail. 

“I believe it's a collection that can be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s existing wardrobe. The idea is to acknowledge individuality through design codes, fits, shapes, and styles that everyone around the globe can relate to. We recognise how real people adopt clothing and adapt it to their personal style,”

says Heron Preston. 

Key pieces include boxy reversible bomber jackets in 100% Nylon, and long-sleeve racing-style jerseys in 100% recycled polyester, featuring an uplifting “Unity” print which runs a red thread throughout the collection. Anchoring the collection in the mood of everyday style are hard-working staples such as reversible hoodies, made from rich 300 and 400 gsm cotton, and straight-cut 12.75 oz denim jeans, made from 20% recycled cotton. Prices range from EUR 19,99 to EUR 249. 

The collection is designed with a unisex approach to fits and styling, and features a range of expressive women’s pieces, including a bodysuit, lace-up corset, catsuit, bike shorts, tank top, and bikini. Additionally, there’s a curated range of accessories to compliment the looks.  

“We’re excited to launch this multifaceted, long-term partnership with such a strong first collection, democratizing Heron Preston’s creative vision by making it more accessible to people worldwide. I think we will accomplish many wonderful things together over time, and this is just a first step,”

says Ross Lydon, Head of Men’s Design at H&M. 

The campaign concept is based on ‘the power of two’, exploring themes of duality, curiosity and human connection, that are core to the spirit of H2 and the creative partnership between Heron Preston and H&M. The campaign asks questions, rather than providing answers, as a way to inspire dialogue, connection and unity.   

“That's the power of fashion: to bring us closer, spark conversation, challenge ideas, and drive new visions for a better future,”

says Heron Preston, who will be featured in the campaign. 

The H2 debut collection drops in tandem with the launch of H2 EXCHANGE – a circular fashion program, under the creative direction of Heron Preston, aiming to equip a new generation designers with circular mindsets and skillsets, with the aim of infusing H&M’s circular initiatives with creativity, community and learning experiences. The ultimate goal is to engage more people, both creators and customers, to participate in circular fashion, and keep clothes in the loop for as long as possible. 

H2 EXCHANGE begins with an open call for young, New York-based designers to apply for the program on Three talents will be selected to work alongside Heron Preston to create a unique collection of upcycled fashion, based on donated clothes from personal closets around New York, and gain unique knowledge and experience during the process. The public will be invited to donate clothes for H2 EXCHANGE between March 8 and 10, from 9am-6pm at 25 Howard Street in SoHo, New York City. Donations will be rewarded with personal tokens, giving priority access to events at the EXCHANGE studio, opportunity to buy pieces from the EXCHANGE collection, and discounts on H2 seasonal collections. 

The debut H2 collection will launch in-store and at on 14 March 2024.