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The Laboratory and H&M Germany collaborate on a limited collection

H&M Group’s Laboratory and H&M Germany have collaborated on a unique collection that’s custom-made for the Berlin customer.

23 May, 2019

Garments have been designed based on specially collected data, which identifies current trend tendencies that are unique to Berlin. The data highlighted styles that H&M Berlin’s target group are currenting wishing for; from silhouettes and specific colours, to materials and patterns. The collection launched on 16 May, and is available exclusively in eight H&M Berlin stores.

“With this collection we want to be truly customer centered and offer our Berlin customers a hyper local and hyper relevant collection”

Heléne Riihonen, Business Developer at H&M Group Laboratory.

To accompany the collection’s creative concept, the team collaborated on the campaign with Berlin-based influencer Lisa Banholzer, co-founder of the blogazine Blogger Bazaar, who embodies the unmistakable style of the metropolis like no other.

“I think it’s amazing that H&M, as a big global fashion company, can make a collection that is unique to us here in Berlin and that is not available anywhere else but in Berlin”

Lisa Banholzer.

The collection enables H&M Group to test on-demand production, which shows great potential to react more specifically to customer’s wishes, and to align product quantity to local demand. Collections that align these factors allow H&M Group to avoid unnecessary transport, warehousing and overproduction; which is not only good for business, but also for the environment.