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H&M plugs into Toca Life with kidswear collaboration

Featuring the fun and quirky characters from the wildly popular kids’ app series Toca Life, the latest H&M kidswear capsule collection is a collaboration with the award-winning app studio Toca Boca. The imaginative and innovative collection includes a range of children’s clothing, shoes and accessories with interactive prints and textures such as reversible sequins, foil prints and 3D applications. Toca Life x H&M will be available worldwide in all stores that carry kidswear as well as online, from August 8.

1 Aug, 2019 09:00 CEST

The Toca Life x H&M collaboration is a kidswear collection that brings together the brightly coloured and humorous characters of Toca Life and fashion, channelling the playful spirit of the game. Designed by H&M’s Kids in-house team, the collection includes jersey tops, sweatshirts, dresses and tracksuits where all cotton is 100% sustainably-sourced. It also carries shoes and accessories such as sneakers, socks and selected Toca Life characters made into soft toy bags. Sporty features like drawstring waists, contrast racing stripes and elasticated cuffs are seen throughout the collection. Interactive elements were central to the design of the collection and can be found in details such as foil prints, 3D applications and reversible sequins – for example, on a Silly Burger sweatshirt, the image is made of flip sequins so the character can either be smiling or frowning.

“With a sense of discovery and playfulness, we wanted to convey that feeling of Toca Life: the humour, quirkiness, interactivity and creativity. Each piece in the collection is not only a form of self-expression for a child – and physically allows them to move freely and comfortably – but also an encouragement to think that the possibilities in everyday life are limitless,”

Sofia Löfstedt, H&M’s Assortment Designer Kids

“The essence of Toca Life is rooted in the everyday, so we made sure to represent every part of children’s day-to-day in the H&M collaboration. Maybe a kid wants their sweatshirt to reflect how they’re feeling and partway through the day they decide they’re feeling a different way – it’s cool that their clothing can be a tool to reflect that,” says Sebastien Roux, Toca Boca’s Art Director.

In addition to the collection launch, H&M Member, H&M’s loyalty program, will host a drawing competition where its members have the chance to design a Toca Life character that will be visualized in the Toca Life: World app.


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