Press release

H&M reveals the first impression that’s ready to wear, boosting job interview confidence.

Today, global fashion brand H&M reveals a new initiative to help open more doors and boosting confidence in a job interview. ONE/SECOND/SUIT is free H&M Man suit rental for 24 hours, so anyone attending a job interview can make a powerful first impression.

3 May, 2021 13:00 CEST

Research reveals it only takes one second for potential employers to assess a candidate’s competence based on their appearance. But the ONE/SECOND/SUIT helps tackle this bias by making sure the potential inside isn’t overlooked because of what’s on the outside. By renting not buying, interviewing in the ONE/SECOND/SUIT is a conscious decision, too. 

“Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. But we believe nothing should hold you back. Least of all what you wear,”

Sara Spännar, Head of Marketing & Communications H&M.

“The ONE/SECOND/SUIT is ready-to-wear confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself that you’ve got what it takes.” 

When we look good, we feel good. That’s why anyone with an upcoming job interview will be able to hire an H&M Man suit, completely free, for 24 hours. The ONE/SECOND/SUIT initiative launches in the UK April 15th and in US May 13th and will run in a test period of 3 moths. ONE/SECOND/SUIT launches with a stirring and evocative film by critically-acclaimed American director Mark Romanek. The film captures the nerves and self- doubt we all face on interview day. An emotional call from mum gives the diverse cast a much-needed pep talk and the confidence they need to seize this opportunity. Romanek is best known for his psychological feature film One Hour Photo, starring Robin Williams, and his adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's acclaimed novel, Never Let Me Go. His iconic music videos have earned him over twenty MTV Video Music Awards and three Grammy awards - more than any other director.