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H&M’s Autumn 2021 Recycled Denim collection our most recycled collection to date

For Autumn 2021, H&M continues its drive to make more sustainable denim. Our ten-piece collection contains baggy jeans, loose straight-leg jeans, a trucker jacket and an oversized overshirt, along with a bucket hat and shopper — each inspired by the laidback coolness of the 1990s by playing with looser silhouettes. Our most recycled collection to date is made out of 100% recycled fabrics, threads, labels and pocketing, and partly out of recycled metal zippers and trims. Also, our washing technique has a low environmental impact and is free from harmful chemicals. The H&M Recycled Denim collection launches 9 September* with selected pieces in stores and the whole range online at

2 Sep, 2021 09:00 CEST

With a focus on patchwork details and 90s denim washes – vintage light blue, normcore mid-blues, dark vintage blues, vintage blacks and cool grey – the new collection is about highlighting the possibilities of recycled materials and providing denim lovers around the world even more choices in sustainability. Each of the garments are crafted from 100% recycled fabrics – pre-consumer recycled cotton from industrial waste cuttings and post-consumer recycled cotton from collected garments, some with recycled polyester, while the accessories are made entirely from fabrics that have been cut and re-used from production rejections. Reusing from both production waste and collected garments is a vital part of one of the biggest ambitions at H&M, which is to move to a circular production system.

*Launch date for northern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere launch will be early 2022.

For more information and background around the campaign, including additional imagery and products, please source H&M Magazine