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6 Sep, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of H&M´s long-awaited online store in Israel. Now Israelian customers will have access to quality fashion at the best price, in a sustainable way, just a click awa

The entire range of contemporary fashion items for women, men, teenagers, and children is now available for sale in addition to other concepts such as accessories, maternity, sportswear, and more. In addition to that H&M Home's full assortment for the different home spaces is also available online.

"H&M is a significant player in Israel's fashion market. Having waited for this moment for a long time, we are now excited to finally launch an online H&M store in Israel too. The new store complements the shopping experience of our physical stores, allowing our customers to have high quality, environmentally-conscious fashion at the best prices delivered to their door," said Amihay Kilstein, CEO of Match Retail, the concessionaire of the H&M Group in Israel.

The first H&M store in Israel opened in 2010 and currently there are 20 stores in the market. H&M offers online shopping in 58 markets.