Press release

Let’s make better denim: H&M drops a circularity-driven capsule collection

H&M is proudly introducing the next generation of denim created with circularity-driven innovation. This limited-edition drop is the first men’s denim collection constructed from fabrics with CIRCULOSE® Viscose and TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology — textile fibres that make the fashion of tomorrow a reality today. The eight-piece capsule will be available in selected H&M stores and at August 18.

18 Aug, 2022 09:00 CEST

By exploring new, innovative materials, H&M is continuously pursuing the goal of a closed-loop fashion economy. CIRCULOSE® Viscose is a cellulose fibre created from discarded textiles, like old jeans, and wood. TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology is a cellulose fibre made from part upcycled cotton scraps, part wood. Adding these into a denim context — together with recycled cotton — creates fabrics that are not only more sustainable, but surprisingly soft to the touch and more fluid than those made purely from cotton. 

This unique denim expression has been interpreted into superiorly comfortable garments inspired by the denim culture in the Far East and classic American workwear. Wide-cut silhouettes are styled in relaxed tonal sets, giving a dignified nod to the contemporary streetwear aesthetic. The collection features four pairs of loose-fit five-pocket jeans, two oversized button-down shirts, one oversized workwear jacket, and one hooded zip jacket, all coming in muted indigo tones with a clean stonewashed finish.