Press release


Seasonal trends in the latest colours, fits, and cuts are spotlighted in the highly anticipated release of the spring ‘23 lookbook. Featuring 48 impactful outfits, the inspirational styling guide is bigger than ever and launches on January 26.

26 Jan, 2023 09:00 CET

The men’s lookbook highlights the season’s smart, casual, and street fashion through careful curation, offering guidance and inspiration on how to channel individual expression by using the latest statement pieces and wardrobe must-haves. Each concept showcases 16 handpicked looks that feature an extensive range of highly coveted garments, shoes, and accessories, styled in accordance with the new spring trends.

“Our seasonal lookbook focuses on three different fashion expressions that will help inspire and guide your personal style. One general theme this spring though is that silhouettes are very relaxed and comfortable,”

says Ross Lydon, H&M Man’s Head of Design.

The spring collection is a result of diverse inspirations. The smart fashion transforms 1970s nostalgia into 2020’s minimalism, while the new streetwear references the 1990s and Y2K, crossing a preppy varsity theme with an expressive metaverse direction. Casual wear, on the other hand, explores utilitarian fashion, merging classic workwear with function-detailed garments in future-forward materials.