Press release


As summer draws to a close and the anticipation of a new season begins, H&M HOME is thrilled to introduce a back-to-school collection tailored for children. Focusing on inspiring and versatile pieces, the collection promises to bring joy, creativity, and functionality to children’s living spaces.
The new collection launches in stores and online on on 3 August 2023. 

3 Aug, 2023 09:00 CEST

Inspired by the vibrant spirit of playful movement, our back-to-school collection combines happy designs with modernistic shapes, expressiveness, and fantasy. Each item is carefully curated to create a home where children can spend time indoors, fostering imagination and a love for their personal space.

One of the highlights of this collection is our playful bedding featuring adorable dinosaurs. Designed to spark young imaginations, these vibrant and comfortable bed sets will transport children to a prehistoric world of excitement and adventure. Accompanying the bedding is a dinosaur-themed rug, bringing the playful design to the floor and adding charm to any room.

Our collection also includes an assortment of soft toys in the shape of dinosaurs, capturing the essence of the theme while offering cuddly companions for children of all ages. Additionally, we have introduced cushions in the shapes of stars, bananas, and hearts, which provide both comfort and a whimsical touch to any seating or bedding area.

Keeping organisation in mind, H&M HOME presents stackable canvas toy storage boxes. These versatile storage solutions provide ample space for tidying up toys and add a pop of colour and style to any room. For a touch of personal expression, our textile sign and rug with the slogan “My room, my rules” serves as a reminder that a child’s space is a place for them to express their individuality.

Our collection also offers face plates in green and pink, adding a splash of colour and personality to mealtimes. Finally, our kids’ furniture includes yellow and red wall shelves and a forest green desk and bench with ample storage, perfect for studying, crafts, and play. To illuminate your little one’s creative endeavours, add a vibrant red lamp to infuse a bright and cosy ambience into any workspace.

Key pieces 

  • Stackable canvas storage boxes in three colours, including white, blue and green.
  • Dinosaur soft toys — choose from Triceratops, T-Rex or Brachiosaurus.
  • Dinosaur bedding with a white base and mixed animal print. 
  • “My Room, My Rules” slogan rug and woven wall decoration.

Available in stores and online at from 3rd August 2023.